Serial Rewind- A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas

*Remember! The whole point of Serial Rewind is to completely spoil the book!!!*

That being said….

Setting: The Spring Court, ruled by Tamlin, and the Night Court ruled by Rhysand.

Main Characters:

Feyre: Formerly human, now resurrected as High Fae by the High Lords. Engaged to Tamlin, the High Lord of the Spring Court.

Tamlin: High Lord of the Spring Court. Kind of terrible, with a short temper and control issues. Despises Rhysand for personal reasons.

Lucien: Tamlin’s right hand man. Originally of the Autumn Court, but serves in the Spring Court under self-imposed exile.

Ianthe: One of 12 High Priestesses of Prythian. Very conniving and manipulative.

Rhysand: High Lord of the Night Court. Known for being terrible and cruel.

Rhysand’s “family,” Morrigan, Cassian, Azriel, and Amren: Morrigan is Rhysand’s cousin. Cassian and Azriel are winged Illyrians who trained with Rhysand when they were young. Amren is a very ancient and odd being that drinks blood…

Basic Plot:

Feyre and Tamlin are about to be married, but Feyre is suffering from PTSD following the events of A Court of Thorns and Roses (aka being resurrected as High Fae). Tamlin continues to be controlling and overprotective of Feyre which doesn’t really help the whole PTSD thing.

For this reason, she mentally summons Rhysand to the altar at her wedding and he invokes the bargain they made to save her life Under the Mountain- she must live with him in the Night Court for one week a month.

To Feyre’s surprise, the Night Court isn’t as terrible as everyone says. Rhysand is kind to her and actually shows an interest in training her to fight.

While on an errand for the Night Court, Feyre finds out that the King of Hybern is going to resurrect Jurian (a general in the war between mortals and fae). In order to do so, he must reassemble the Cauldron and the Book of Breathings. The Cauldron would allow him to tear down the wall separating the mortal and fae worlds. The book is also capable of destroying the Cauldron. But it was ripped in two- the mortal queens have half and the High Lord of Summer has the other.

As Feyre trains to go up against Hybern, she beings to manifest a number of abilities. Turns out, as a result of her resurrection, she has inherited powers from all of the High Lords. Meaning most of them would probably want to kill her if they found out.

Rhysand and Feyre become closer as she learns that he’s been pretending to be cruel to protect his kingdom. He tells her how he conceded to be Amarantha’s pet in order to shelter one of his cities, Velaris. She also learns that Tamlin killed Rhysand’s mother and sister and only in retaliation did Rhysand’s father kill Tamlin’s family.

But the biggest and juiciest thing Feyre finds out about is definitely that she and Rhysand are mates. And he’s known for years.

Meanwhile, the gang strikes a deal with the mortal queens for their half of the book. In return, Rhysand must show them that he is not actually a monster. To do so, he shows them Velaris, which is then attacked. Gee I wonder who ratted them out…

The End:

The group heads to Hybern to destroy the Cauldron, but Tamlin sells them out and they are captured. Hybern uses Feyre’s sisters to show the mortal queens that the Cauldron can give them immortality and they are both remade as High Fae.

Feyre pretends that Rhysand was holding her captive and manipulating her. She says she wants to go home to the Spring Court with Tamlin, but little do they know, Feyre is now the High Lady of the Night Court.

And now on to A Court of Wings and Ruin! Happy reading 🙂

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